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2016 MSECA Calendar

February 17th

Quarterly Meeting
Incremental Sampling Method

February 25th

Manufactured Gas Plant Coal Tar Remediation

April 28th

Spring Seminar
Environmental Forensics

May 25th

Metals Stabilization: Concept to Completion

June 7th

Quarterly Meeting
Waste Characterization

June 23rd

Reasons and Technology for
Controlling Excessive Methanogenesis
during Remedial Actions

August 16th

Quarterly Meeting

October 27th

Fall Seminar

MSECA Quarterly Meeting
Waste Characterization

The agenda for MSECA's June Quarterly Meeting will contain presentations on:

  • Waste Determinations & Hazardous Wastes
  • Other Waste Streams & Total Waste Management
  • IDEM's Contained-In & Uncontaminated Soil Policies


Tuesday, June 7th
12:00pm - 4:30pm


Indiana Government Center South
402 W Washington St
Conference Center - Auditorium
Indianapolis, IN 46204

More Information and Registration

Metals Stabilization: Concept to Completion
Wednesday, May 25th

This webinar will address potential goals for

  • Metals Stabilization
  • Treatability Study Options
  • Remediation Design Requirements
  • Stabilization Methods

Two case studies for hexavalent chromium remediation projects in Indiana will be presented.

By attending this webinar you will receive the basics of design and implementation of metals stabilization projects. This presentation will last approximately 45 minutes with plenty of time at the end for Q & A.

More Information and Registration

Reasons and Technology for Controlling Excessive Methanogenesis
during Remedial Actions
Thursday, June 23rd

At some sites, excessive methane production has been observed following the addition of organic hydrogen donors such as (emulsified) oils/lecithin and conventional ISCR reagents. There are at least three important consequences:

  • Cost - by utilizing hydrogen, the methanogens compete with dechlorinating microbes thus making inefficient use of the amendment
  • Safety - elevated methane concentrations can exceed current and pending regulations, induce vapor migration (indoor air issues of VOCs), and exceed LEL
  • Performance - rapid growth of methanogens consumes alkalinity while generating acids increasing the potential for aquifer acidification (which may liberate heavy metals causing secondary contaminant issues)

More Information and Registration

MSECA Webinar Proposals

In an effort to increase the amount of education that MSECA is able to offer to our members each year we are now hosting monthly webinars and welcome abstract submissions from volunteers who are interested in being a webinar presenter.

We are accepting proposals on any subject related to environmental consulting however the topics listed below will recieve particular attention since attendees have told us they'd like to learn more about them on our post event surveys.

  • Metals Remediation
  • Vapor Intrusion Update based on newly released EPA Guidance (June 2015)
  • Risk Assessments (Human Health and/or Ecological)
  • Remediation Systems

If presenting a webinar is something you would like to do please click below to learn more about submitting an abstract.

Call for Abstracts

Annual A&WMA Scholarship Golf Outing
Thursday, May 12th

The Indiana Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association is very pleased and excited to announce their Annual Scholarship Golf Outing which will be held at Twin Bridges Golf Club located in Danville, Indiana.

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